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    Join us at our workshop. Gain some cool leather crafting skills and experience first hand the daily lives of our beneficiaries.

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    NOMAD Crafters was formed to inspire the maker movement amongst leather enthusiast and individuals who wish to take ownership of the products they carry. Our experience working with traditional leather artisans from rural India have allowed us to inculcate the unique heritage of leather crafting which has been passed down from generations.


    NOMAD Crafters promises you a unique setting of leather crafting unlike any other. Taking you back to the deserts of Rajasthan, you will be making your leather products while seated on a mat, as you sip on a cup of chai and cut strips of vegetable-tanned leather. Progressively, we will introduce elements of modern leather crafting with advanced tools as you progress, allowing you to experience how much these tools are able to improve the lives of a traditional artisan.


    By the end of the workshop, not only do you take away your very own crafted product, you have also taken away a unique insight into the live life of our traditional artisans. Your contribution to our workshop will allow us to purchase, restore and improve the tools of our artisans through our NOMAD Restoration Project. A higher productivity and quality work from these tools go a long way in allowing them to sustain their livelihood as a maker, crafter, and a preserver of culture.

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