• Their Story

    Anonymous, invisible and oppressed, Dalits in Roopsi Village face a bleak and uncertain future.

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  • How You Will Help

    Not sure how you will be helping the people in Roopsi Village when you buy our bags?

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    Despite years of practice and experience in mustering leather crafts, plenty of artisans still lives in poverty. The lack of access to the greater market and awareness of current demand causes their crafts to be under-appreciated and obsolete.


    NOMAD partners with up to 25 artisans in India to create functional NOMAD bags to meet the modern living standards. Our partnership provides the artisans with design insights, opportunities to upgrade their skills and allows their crafts to be recognized and appreciated by an international audience.


    The increased income allows them to achieve a higher living standard for their families and to provide educational opportunities for their children.

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    Every single bag purchased, is used to support a school in the Roopsi village. While it is an important institution that houses up to 140 children from various nearby villages, the school struggles to sustain itself.


    Through this initiative, we are supporting the school’s expenditure which includes electrical bills, rental fees, educational materials and school fees for 40 students who could not afford them.


    Our NOMAD restoration project ensures a conducive environment for students to study in. Every 6 months, we will access and revamp the condition of the school.


    In our past campaign, we have managed to provide classroom fans and the first toilet to be built in the school.

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