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    NOMAD connects artisans from disadvantaged communities to new and emerging markets. We are currently working with artisans from Roopsi Village, Jaisalmer - most of whom are classed as Dalits and considered to be the country's invisible people. Every purchase goes a long way. It allows village children the opportunity to pursue education.

  • NOMAD Leather Satchel

    Moksha मोक्ष

    Few things can bring out confidence the way a well-travelled messenger bag can. Made of premium leather, the Moksha is intricately woven and styled to every detail. It consists of two front and side pockets, each secured together by a belt buckle. There is also enough room in the main compartment to accommodate everything you need, everywhere you go.

    NOMAD Leather Clutch


    Kama का

    Perfect for a casual day out, the Kama is designed to carry your essentials. It has a small compartment in front to slide cards in, and a larger one inside to store other valuables. Available in two sizes, the Kama is just the bag you need to grab and go.

    NOMAD Leather Messenger

    Artha अर्थ

    Delightfully simple, the Artha is the go-to bag for your everyday commute. It is uniquely crafted from premium leather and features a flap in front to protect all your belongings. Inside, two sets of zippers secure everything that you carry. Whether you're a student, a businessman, or an avid traveller, the Artha is the perfect all-rounder to accompany you on your next adventure. Fling it over your shoulders, and you're all set to go.

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