• NOMAD Story

    Weaving better futures

  • What We Do

    Started in 2016, NOMAD was born out of the desire to travel around the world and help those in need. We provide greater opportunities for rural artisans in Asia, like those in Roopsi Village, to empower themselves. Our sustainable platform allows them to market the goods they produce to a wider audience, putting themselves in a better position to improve the lives of those they care about. Each purchase is also used to support a local school that provides education for underprivileged children within the community. Our first initiative in India is impacting the lives of 25 artisans and 140 children.

    Haziq Rashid

    As an adventurer and a nature-lover, Haziq has always wanted to experience life beyond his country to see more and appreciate what he has. That brought him to India in 2014, where he spent many months backpacking across rural areas. Over time, he developed a strong connection to a local community who were being denied access to education and social mobility due to the caste system in place.


    In 2015, he revisited India with Nasrul. Together, they saw an opportunity to use the skills and resources these locals possess to increase their livelihood and income. This led to the birth of NOMAD: an idea formed to aid rural communities by advocating education for children through a sustainable trade of crafts by the artisanal community.

    Nasrul Rohmat

    When it comes to life, Nasrul believes in experiencing all it has to offer, and that includes traveling the world to see someone else's culture and standard of living. A seeker of adventure, Nasrul has had various opportunities to go on backpacking trips to different places.


    One of which was India, where he met an unfortunate incident of almost losing his life whilst trekking up a mountain. This became a life-changing experience that led to how NOMAD came about.


    As someone who has seen poverty first hand yet living in a country where everything you could possibly want and need is right at your fingertips, Nasrul made it his mission in life to help others elevate theirs.

  • Our Leather

    A rustic canvas that paints your lifestyle

    Our bags are made from premium goat leather that is sourced from the mountainous region of Kashmir, India. The higher altitude and climate results in a thicker hide, producing stronger leather that is more durable to wear and tear. Goat hides also produce a noticeable pattern unique to itself, developing a richer texture and more character with daily use.


    Each hide is treated through an age-old artisanal process that was passed down many generations. Unlike commercial leather products, our vegetable tanned leather does not involve any chemical process allowing you to reduce your footprint on the environment. The perfect option for those who are socially and environmentally conscious.

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