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What We Do

Started in 2016, NOMAD was born out of the desire to travel around the world and help those in need. We provide greater opportunities for rural leather artisans in Asia to empower themselves. Our sustainable platform allows them to market the goods they produce to a wider audience, putting themselves in a better position to improve the lives of those they care about.

Through our NOMAD Restoration Project initiative, we also aim to identify the immediate needs of the artisans' village, both on infrastructural and social levels, and take an active approach in providing the best solution possible. A portion of our profits made are dedicated to tackle the issues at hand as we work closely with the community to ensure its success.


Our first initiative started in India, where we ensured that every purchase of our products contributes to providing a livelihood for 25 artisans, as well as supporting a local school that provides education to 140 underprivileged children within the community.

Currently, we are collaborating with rural artisans from a village in Indonesia, who are motivated to improve their standards of living - in terms of enhancing their basic living infrastructures, having ample employment opportunities and increasing access to education for their children.


We sincerely hope that very purchase of our products, which are intricately handmade by our artisans, will pave the way for a brighter future.

Our Team

Haziq Rashid

Haziq, an avid adventurer and nature enthusiast, yearned to explore life beyond his homeland. His journey led him to India in 2014, where he spent months backpacking in rural areas.


During this time, he formed a deep connection with a local community facing educational and social challenges due to the caste system.

In 2015, with the company of Nasrul, Haziq saw an opportunity to empower this community. They founded NOMAD, a project aimed at improving rural livelihoods by advocating for children's education through sustainable trade in artisanal crafts created by the local community.


Nasrul Rohmat

Nasrul is a firm believer in fully embracing life's opportunities, including extensive travel to immerse himself in diverse cultures and ways of life around the world. He is a true adventurer, seizing numerous chances to embark on backpacking journeys to various destinations.

One such adventure took him to India, where he encountered a life-threatening incident during a mountain trek. This harrowing experience became a pivotal moment that ultimately led to the creation of NOMAD.

Having witnessed firsthand the harsh realities of poverty, Nasrul has dedicated his life to a mission of uplifting others in need.


IMG-20170304-WA0075 (3) (1).jpg
Ibnu Abbas
Head of Business Development & Marketing

Abbas is a passionate advocate for embracing life's countless opportunities, which he does by immersing himself in diverse cultures and experiences during his global travels.

He enjoys learning languages, having studied 7 languages thus far, allowing him to gain invaluable sociological perspectives of various societies, and has lead fundraisers and volunteering projects around Asia.

With Project NOMAD -  in an ever globalizing world - Abbas is on a mission to bridge the gap between rural artisans and the wider global community, and play a part in alleviating poverty.

Our Statement of Intent:

At NOMAD, we strive to redefine the art of excellence. Our products stand as a testament to uncompromising quality - made with vegetable tanned calf leather - meticulously crafted by our artisans to surpass the loftiest of expectations.


But we don't stop there. We  firmly believe that the finest should be accessible to all, not confined to the privileged few. We break free from the exclusive confines of traditional luxury, presenting you with premium products that transcend price tags and play a pivotal role in the fight against poverty.

We're driven by a simple yet revolutionary idea: true luxury is about democratizing quality, making it available to the masses. Moreover, we're committed to social responsibility. A portion of our profits goes into rebuilding our artisans' village and community, because we understand that true luxury is also about improving the lives of those who make it possible.

Experience the epitome of excellence with us, where affordability meets exceptional craftsmanship. Join us on our mission to redefine luxury, making it accessible for everyone while contributing to a brighter future for the communities that are integral to our business.

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