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Our Artisans

Past Artisans -
Roopsi Village, Jaisalmer, India

When we collaborated with the artisans from Roopsi Village, every purchase made by our valued customers and clients contributed to:

Artisanal Livelihood

Despite years of practice and experience in mustering leather crafts, plenty of artisans still lived in poverty. The lack of access to the greater market and awareness of current demand caused their crafts to be under-appreciated and obsolete.

NOMAD partnered with up to 25 artisans in India to create functional NOMAD bags to meet modern living standards. Our partnership provided the artisans with design insights, opportunities to upgrade their skills, and allowed their crafts to be recognized and appreciated by an international audience.

The increased income allowed them to achieve a higher living standard for their families and provided educational opportunities for their children


Every single bag purchased was used to support a school in the Roopsi village. While it was an important institution that housed up to 140 children from various nearby villages, the school struggled to sustain itself.

Through this initiative, we supported the school’s expenditure, which included electrical bills, rental fees, educational materials, and school fees for 40 students who could not afford them.

Our NOMAD Restoration Project ensured a conducive environment for students to study in. Every 6 months, we accessed and revamped the condition of the school.

In our past campaign, we managed to provide classroom fans and the first toilet to be built in the school.

Current Artisans -
Banyumeneng, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Presently, we are working in collaboration with artisans from a village in Banyumeneng, Giriharjo, Indonesia.

Each purchase of yours will contribute to improving the lives of not just the artisans, but the whole village via the following aspects:

Artisanal Livelihood

Our talented leather artisans have long grappled with poverty due to their limited access to markets and the lack of awareness about their craftsmanship.


As such, they find themselves struggling to make ends meet as their beautiful creations go unnoticed by the wider world.

By partnering with NOMAD, these artisans hope to showcase their exceptional leather products to a global audience, breaking the cycle of poverty and allowing their remarkable skills to thrive.


Every purchase of the handmade leather products crafted by these artisans, not only is an acquisition of exquisite pieces but also an investment in the education and future of the artisans' children.

The pursuit of higher education remains a daunting challenge to the young generation, due to the financial hardships and thus limited opportunities.

The income generated from the artisans' work are a commitment to overcome the aforesaid challenges, and create a brighter future for the next generation.

Improved Basic Infrastructure

The lack of basic amenities remains a lingering problem in our artisans' village, and is a focal point as part of our NOMAD restoration project.


In our first visit to the village, we immediately identified the poor housing infrastructure and lack of access to electricity as well as water resources.

As a start, we have refurbished the workshops for our artisans, setting the basis to empower the artisans and earn the financial strength to garner the funds to improve the village's standard of living.

Currently, there is an immediate need for the development of water wells in the village. We have started a campaign to ensure that your purchases are instrumental in the provision of their basic needs: 

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