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Call for Action:

NOMAD Restoration Project

As part of our NOMAD Restoration Project initiative, we strive to assess the pressing requirements of the artisans' village, addressing both its infrastructure and social aspects.


Our commitment involves actively seeking and implementing the most suitable solutions.


A portion of our profits earned is allocated towards addressing these challenges, as we actively collaborative with the community to ensure that their basic needs are met.

Past NOMAD Restoration Project - Impact:

Roopsi Village, India

30+ Artisans Employed

We provided a platform for the village's artisans' works to be appreciated, and the resources to enhance their skillsets and train future artisans.

1 School Funded

With the profits earned, we managed to build a school and funded the educational materials to provide tertiary education for 140+ students.

300+ Lives Impacted

With the increased employment and educational opportunities, the village community is able to run independently and work towards a brighter future,

 Contribute Now:
Well-Building for Clean Water

Ongoing NOMAD Restoration Project:
Banyumeneng, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The community of our artisans' village in Banyumeng, Yogyakarta is longing for a basic necessity: Clean Water.


Despite a myriad of infrastructural issues to resolve, we are prioritizing the building of wells - which the village urgently needs to ensure access to safe drinking water for its residents. The overall cost of the well-buiding project is approximately $8,000.


Last Update: 10 October 2023

You can make a life-changing difference today by contributing to our well-building project. Each purchase of yours will help us reach our goal and provide the community with clean water, improving health and empowering families to thrive.

We will provide further updates on the project on this page once our target has been reached.


Let's uplift societies,

Should you know of any rural communities with talented artisans that are struggling to make ends meet, we are open for collaboration.

We would be more than happy to connect and discuss further to understand the underlying issues, and brainstorm on solutions.

Please do drop an email to ____, and we will contact you as soon as possible

Please note that due to our current budget levels, we are limited to working with rural communities within Southeast Asia.


However, as we continue to grow, we look forward to expanding our footprint and be able to work with communities around the world.

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