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The challenge of working with rural artisans.

Blog Post #001

We Hear You

Nomad working with the artisan. Picture taken by The Fotorika.

NOMAD is all about transforming artisanal products that are crafted through tradition, into a unique piece that are able to carry on wherever you go. We are grateful that things are going smoothly thus far. However, there are a few setbacks that we met along the way.

Ever since we launched our first campaign, we have received numerous support and heartfelt wishes that inspire us to do better everyday. Our gratitude goes to all our fellow NOMADs out there. The feedback that we have obtained from you are invaluable to us, and the NOMAD team wants you to know that: WE HEAR YOU.

Working with rural artisans have posed a unique set of challenges given the limited set of resources and exposure to the world. While our leather produces a unique rustic feel that is appreciated by most, the strong smell that it emits from the local tannery through natural tanning from tree barks is one challenge that we are working on. Based on your experiences with our Moksha bag, we have also sourced for quality hardware to be used in our future production so that through heat or rain, each NOMAD bag will shine spotless; all of the beauty of a vintage item, without its rust and musty odor.

Our beneficiary wearing sweaters given by Nomad

Despite these challenges, we are committed to serve you better and to continue making a difference to the lives of each artisan and children who wish to receive a quality education.

We have some very interesting collaboration and product line-ups coming up soon, so stay tuned as we bring you another batch of treasures that we unearth through our adventures. While we are working to improve the quality of our products, do have a look at our leather workshop that is meant to give you our own experience of leather crafting here in Singapore, based on the skills imparted from the artisans we work with. More details on the workshop will be elaborated on the next post.

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