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Names and Representations

We’ve never before explained what the names of our bags mean. I know, a huge oversight on our part. But their meanings tie in extremely closely with what our brand believes in (which is why we chose these names in the first place) and who knows, maybe the names will end up representing part of who you are as well.

First things first, if you’ve ever wondered what language we used to name our bags, it’s Sanskrit. Sanskrit is known as the “mother of all languages” and is also one of the twenty-two official languages in India. We wanted to remind people of the origins of our bags, which are all handmade by rural artisans in Jaisalmer – and what better way to do so than through Sanskrit, the ancient language from which so many Indic languages are derived?

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Moksha (मोक्ष) is our biggest bag, and in my opinion the most rugged. The word moksha, in Sanskrit, refers to freedom and release. The size of Moksha makes it easy for you to pack your essentials, leaving you free to focus on other things such as exploration and adventure – you will never have to worry about leaving behind your bottle or camera when you pack them inside your Moksha bag.

Freedom is also a feeling that we wish to inspire within every single member of our NOMAD tribe. Nomads are travellers, filled with wanderlust and a deep-seated need for excitement and new experiences. When you carry Moksha, remember what this name means, and remember that you are a part of our tribe – forget about society’s rules and obligations, and go wherever your instincts take you.

We recommend Moksha for people who are: thirsty for adventure and excitement, who do not wish to conform to rules, and who need a bag which can both accommodate their belongings and withstand the rough outdoors.

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Artha (अर्थ) is simple and classic, for those who like things more minimalist than Moksha. The word artha, in Sanskrit, refers to meaning. Travelling and exploration can be fun, but it’s also important to find some meaning in your journey – otherwise, at the end of the day all you receive is an album full of pretty pictures. It’s meaning which separates a summer vacation from a rich, life-changing experience.

NOMAD isn't just about exploring new places – our work also helps children in Jaisalmer to obtain a better education and school facilities. Every bag we sell carries that meaning behind it, but no bag embodies this better than Artha. Whenever you carry your Artha bag, remember that everything you do contains meaning, and every action you make will affect someone. You changed a child’s life when you purchased this bag – what else can you do to make your life more meaningful?

We recommend Artha for people who are: inquisitive spirits with a desire to create change in the world, who believe that everything they do can make a difference to someone, and who need a simple bag which won’t distract them from their plans for the future.

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Kama (काम) is our smallest bag, but don’t let its size fool you into thinking it’s any less important than the others. The word kama, in Sanskrit, refers to desire, passion and love. Every person has some sort of desire – here at NOMAD, our desire is to always continue with our journey, and discover new experiences wherever we travel to. The Kama commemorates that sense of desire, and is a constant reminder to set aside time to pursue your dreams and passion.

But NOMAD's passion is more than just exploration. We also desire to help people, to make some difference in the world, which is why all proceeds from our bags go towards benefiting the people of Jaisalmer. This bag represents that desire to help, and reminds us of the importance of having a generous spirit. Kama is not just any normal bag; it is a labour of love. When you carry Kama, remember the passion that it represents – the same passion which started NOMAD and created the bag you now hold in your hands.

We recommend Kama for people who are: driven and focused, who have some passion or goal in life that they intend to pursue, and who need a small bag which won’t weigh them down as they chase their dreams.

Our three bags embody the spirit of NOMAD, so when you buy one of our bags, it makes you part of our tribe. We hope that these bags will give you the same feelings that Jaisalmer gave us – an amazing sense of freedom, a rich depth of meaning, and an unparalleled desire for more.

By the way, if you missed our Facebook post on how to take proper care of your NOMAD bag, follow this link to get your update!